CC&C is not the usual car club meetup where you have to be a member to attend, you don’t have to drive any particular type of car, it is open to all motor enthusiasts that wish to show off their vehicle.

The combination of Food, Coffee and Cars is a Winning combination with most car enthusiasts and we bring it to Melbourne every year with BIG turn outs!

The only way to know what CC&C is all about I guess, is to attend one of our events and experience it yourself. Bring the kids as all CC&C events are aimed to be family friendly for everyone.


Next Event

Our Next Event 2019


We have a NEW date for our Charity Drive with Drive Against Depression .

We are stepping away from our usual show to present to you a Charity cruise for a good cause!

Drive Against Depression (DAD) works to achieve increased mental health awareness in Australia, particularly relating to depression and anxiety. Our intent is to remove the stigma surrounding these issues by encouraging open conversations over a shared enthusiasm for motoring.

Who’s This Drive For? 
Everyone interested in enjoying their car, Victoria’s best roads and the company of like minded people.

Drive Against Depression’s purpose is to support those with depression and/or anxiety through our shared enthusiasm for motoring. At our events we offer non confrontational, judgement free environments to normalise conversations about mental health and offer the support of our community.

Further to this we’re building the DAD mental health network so that we can offer participants the opportunity to continue their conversations with the mental health practitioner that’s right for them, while acknowledging the many aspects that make up holistic mental wellness.

We sincerely appreciate your donation which allows us to continue providing drive events, unique motoring experiences and the forthcoming DAD mental health network.

We extend our gratitude to Custom Cars & Coffee for this opportunity to collaborate and provide DAD’s charity purpose to their community…as well as a brilliant drive day.

Registration details –



Note: If you have paid, please note that these will be carried forward to the new date. If the new date does not suit, please contact DAD for other arrangements.

Please Register to take part in our Charity Drive day, we will send you the location and time closer to the event. 

Show cars
All cars are welcome and there would not be any “Show” Display as such but rather a place to meet and park up. 
We have limited places available, so spots are first in basis.

This is a family friendly event. Please bring the kids, tell your friends. No Pets allowed.

Our May Event (Drive Day) will start from 9am till 2pm approximately.

Facebook Event Page for the drive day here – 

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Brandon – 0438 0222 88


Here are some of the photos from our events

Season ending 2018
24th Feb 2018 @ Sandown Raceway (Track and Show)
18th March 2018 @ Caribbean Market
12th May 2018 teaming up with the Shannon’s Nationals @ Sandown Raceway

Season ending 2017
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 18th Dec 2016
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 30th Sep 2016

Season ending 2016
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 14th Feb 2016
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 5th Mar 2016
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 20th Dec 2015

Season ending 2015
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 3rd May 2015
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 12th Apr 2015
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 1st Feb 2015
GT Car Club Track Day 4th Jan 2015
Custom Cars and Coffee Melbourne 23rd Nov 2014